This sweet little chipmunk is collecting acorns for winter. You can give him a place to store them at your house. He has a wire frame body that you can pose in the perfect shape for sitting on a shelf, in a china cabinet, or make a special place for him to live.

  • His core is made up of aluminum armature wire and natural wool.
  • His outer covering is natural, soft alpaca fleece.
  • He comes with his own 100% real acorn.


  1. This needle-felted sculpture is not a toy. While it is well constructed, it is not suitable for children to play with.
  2. This product is made of natural fiber that your dog and cat will love to get hold of. Please keep it away from pets.
  3. The aluminum armature that allows this sculpture to be posed is very pliable, but can break if bent or twisted too many times.
  4. When natural fibers get wet, they draw up. Because of this, please do not immerse in water.