2022 Prices

Events Details Participants Duration Additional Costs Price
Weekend farm tours We will go into the pens with the alpacas while you learn about them Up to 15 people 1 hour Feed $1/bowl $5 Per Person
On-site parties Do-it-yourself set-up Up to 30 people 2 hours Additional hours $100/hr $200 Flat Fee+
Off-site events Include 2 alpacas on a lead & 1 handler 2 hours max. Mileage $1/mile $300 Flat Fee+
Professional photography / videography shoots Access to property & alpacas w/ 1 handler present 2 hours min. Additional handler $15/hr $100 Hourly
Overnight tent camping w/ alpacas Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Must bring your own tent & camping supplies 8 people min / 12 people max 24 hours Generator rental $50 $400 Flat Fee
Custom events such as weddings, school trips, corporate events, etc. Call to discuss To be quoted
Alpaca Walks (around the property) You help round up and halter the alpacas Up to 6 people 1 hour $10 Per Person
Public events Individual ticket prices shown on website Varies  2 hours Varies